Village of Venedocia

Regular Council Meeting

May 4, 2015 7:00 p.m.

The May council meeting was called to order by President of Council, Robert Louth. The following council members were present: Gloria Leiter, Paul Price, Christina Young, and Lee Lare. Village residents, Jim Grant and Sarah Kimmet, were also in attendance.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The bills were presented as follows:

Payable To:

For the amount of:

Payment Method:

Dry Run Joint/Evans Ditch Maintenance


Check #5004

Auto-Owners Insurance


Check #5005



Check #5006

Ohio Department of Job and Family


Check #5007

James Grant


Check #5008



Check #5009

Jennifer Pugh


Check #5010

James Grant


Check #5011

Scott R. Gordon, Attorney at Law


Check #5012

Ace Hardware


Check #5013

Public Employees Retirement System


Withholding Voucher #22

American Electric Power


Payment Voucher #19

American Electric Power


Payment Voucher #23

Paul Price moved to pay all bills. Lee Lare seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

Leiter and Young inquired about the recent sewer line work that had been done at Main and Bebb Streets. Some members are concerned about the price of the job. They stated that for a job of that size bids and a roll-call vote should have been taken before any work was done. As of the time of the meeting a bill had not been issued.

Young expressed her displeasure over the sale of the town tractor (and later the hiring of the lawn mower). She felt neither of these instances was handled correctly.

On another note, Young asked why the abandoned Delbert Martin residence was mowed by the village last year. She felt other residents have the right to ask for their yards to be mowed by the village as well.

Young reminded fellow council members that they must attend the certified public records training or designate someone to attend for them at least once during their term.

Pugh read Ordinance 2015-1, An Ordinance To Contract For Mowing And Lawn Maintenance Service Within The Village of Venedocia (see website for details). Gloria Leiter moved to accept the ordinance as prepared. A roll-call vote was taken with following results:













Motion passed.

New Business

The fiscal officer reported that an audit will be taking place on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. Pugh advised that council members may be called for information.

On another note, Pugh distributed information regarding OhioCheckbook.com. This search tool is a new website that promotes government financial transparency. After a short discussion Robert Louth moved to decline involvement in this program. Lee Lare seconded the vote. Young opposed. Motion passed.

Mayor Eutsler entered the meeting at this time.

A round-table discussion was held concerning a number of barking dogs in village. A list was compiled.

Sara Kimmet shared that a raccoon has been spotted in the ball diamond restrooms. It should be trapped before it does any harm. On a lighter note, she mentioned that the village will be part of a community-wide garage sale from July 30 to August 1.

The Mayor mentioned that the Lions Club members are working on sealing the wooden benches and swing set at the park.

At 7:05 p.m. Price moved for adjournment. The next meeting will be June 1, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.

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Jennifer J. Pugh, Fiscal Officer Larry W. Eutsler, Mayor