Village of Venedocia

Venedocia Lions Club May 6, 2013

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Larry Eutsler with the following council members present: Lee Lare, Gloria Leiter, Christina Young, Paul Price, and Robert Louth. Also in attendance was Cindy Davis, serving as Notary Public.

Mayor Eutsler read the oath of office to Marjorie Clement, thus making her an official council member. This term will expire in December of 2015.

The minutes from the April meeting were read and approved.

Bills were presented as follows:

Auto-Owners Insurance $953.00 (#4800)

James Grant $25.97 (#4801)

H.G. Violet $79.80 (#4802)

Village of Middle Point $1,917.59 (#4803)

Scott R. Gordon $135.00 (#4804)

Treasurer State of Ohio $240.00 (#4805)

Jennifer Pugh $285.72 (#4806)

James Grant $36.68 (#4807)

************* Check #4808 *****************VOID********

Chad Pugh $110.82 (#4809)

Treasurer State of Ohio $41.00 (#4810)

AEP $293.34 (voucher)

AEP $285.39 (voucher)

AEP $18.30 (voucher)

OPERS $78.00 (voucher)

Paul Price moved to pay all bills. Gloria Leiter seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

-Junk ordinance letters are expected to be delivered somewhere near the end of the month of May.

-A cost of approximately $5-$7 per month for electricity was quoted by Randy Koenig for operating the village siren. A separate meter was not installed when the pole was placed. The mayor will contact AEP and Rick McCoy for further direction.

New Business

-There are community service opportunities for those needing to fulfill their obligations.

-Mayor Eutsler noted that the post office is requesting a town meeting for all village residents to discuss the possibility of changing the hours of operation.

-Gloria Leiter moved to pay the Salem Presbyterian Youth group $250 for a spring street cleanup and $250 for a fall cleanup. Christina Young seconded the motion. Motion carried.

-Paul Price moved to donate $200 to Veterans Memorial Park. Robert Louth seconded the motion. Motion carried.

-Gloria Leiter will place a call to Bruns to clean the catch basins.

-Christina Young will place a call to Ron Puthoff to touch base on the progress of the resurfacing job.

-Robert Louth moved for adjournment. Paul Price seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be June 3, 2013.

_________________________ ____________________________

Jennifer J. Pugh, Fiscal Officer Larry W. Eutlser, Mayor