Village of Venedocia

Venedocia Lions Club October 1, 2012

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Eutsler with the following council members present: Lee Lare, Paul Price, Gloria Leiter, Christina Young, and Robert Louth. Also in attendance were: Middle Point Fire Chief, Craig King, Sarah Kimmet, Jerry Koenig, and Pastor Tom Emery.

The minutes from the September 4th meeting were read and approved.

The bills were presented as follows:

James Grant $242.98 (#4748)

Jennifer Pugh $285.71 (#4749)

Federal Taxes $198.87 (#4750)

State Taxes $12.41 (#4751)

Postmaster $9.00 (#4752)

Treasurer State of OH $240.00 (#4753)

Scott R. Gordon $60.00 (#4754)

Flat Lands Supply $4.66 (#4755)

OPERS $78.02 (voucher)

AEP $263.37 (charge)

AEP $18.79 (charge)

Gloria Leiter moved to pay all bills. Lee Lare seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

Those found in violation of Ordinance 2012-3 (Junk Ordinance) are being noted and notices will be sent next month. Currently on the list are the following residences: Tim Burnett, Martin, Linedecker, Collins, and King (trailer). Pastor Emery offered the help of the youth group if residents needed it. Kimmet stated that some residents may not have access to the Internet and therefore not know about the new ordinance. Jenny Pugh noted that these persons would be sent a notice from the village, if not compliant within thirty days, and then a citation would be in order.

Bruns was called about cleaning out the drains at the end of October. There was a concern of the fields being too wet to drive on. An alternative idea was given being the north end of town on the property of Tom Evans.

Craig King spoke stating the following facts:

-Fire contract between Venedocia and Middle Point expires in 2013. Renewing the contract “as is” is projected.

-The 1980 tanker is shot; a new one is needed

-Grant applications from FEMA have been sought, but not been awarded.

-the 1979 pumper is nearly out of service too

-There currently is a new building project being proposed for Middle Point Fire Department by the department and village council. Village of Venedocia is being asked to consider becoming a part of the special improvement district. If agreed upon, firemen would go door-to-door to ask residents to sign a petition to agree to an assessment of approximately $60 per year for ten years. If 60% of the total residents of six townships sign the petition, then the assessment will be in effect. Christina Young moved to allow the Middle Point Fire Department to move forward with the petition. Gloria Leiter seconded the motion. Motion carried.

-King noted that he was in support of the up-coming event in Venedocia, however in the long run an underground tank for a water source is really needed and should be considered for up-coming fund raisers. A discussion was held about some possible places such water source could be put. Further discussion was tabled at this time.

Council member, Chad Pugh, entered the meeting at this time.

Sarah Kimmet spoke on behalf of the committee organizing the October 6 event. She indicated that all events would be held on private property. A portion of the money raised will be used to support the village, as well as the Middle Point Fire Department. For example, a battery-backup siren will be purchased.

New Business

The weather radio needs repaired. Leiter will take it to Celina to get an estimate on fixing it.

Trick-or-Treat night in the Village was set for October 27th from 6:00-7:30 p.m. An 8:00 costume judging will take place at the Lions Club.

Jerry Koenig asked the council to consider naming the alley in front of the Lions Club to make it easier for visitors to find. County Engineer, Kyle Wendel will be contacted to inquire about the possibility and process.

Robert Louth moved to adjourn.

Paul Price seconded the motion.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be November 5, 2012.

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Jennifer J. Pugh, Fiscal Officer Larry W. Eutsler, Mayor