Village of Venedocia

Venedocia Lion’s Club July 6, 2009

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Eutsler with the following council members present: Jeff Coil, Robert Louth, Charlie Good, Paul Price, Gloria Leiter, and Lee Lare.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.3

The bills were presented as follows:

Van Wert Co. Emergency Management $75.00 (#4494)

Gates McDonald $110.00 (#4495)

ODJFS $24.05 (#4496)

Ace Hardware $35.97 (#4497)

Mary Taylor, CPA $240.00 (#4498)

Beverly Fuerst, Co. Treasurer $8.00 (#4499)

Jenny Pugh $285.71 (#4500)

AEP $223.26 (charge 23-2009)

AEP $219.87 (charge 24-2009)

AEP $14.24 (charge 25-2009)

OPERS $78.00 (voucher #9)

Paul Price moved to pay all bills. Lee Lare seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

Jenny Pugh will call Rick McCoy about a bracket to house the AED and to inquire about possible necessary maintenance that needs to be done on the unit.

New Business

Charlie Good moved to name the First Federal Bank and the U.S. Bank as the checking and certificate of deposit, respectively, designated depositories for the Village for a period of five years beginning on July 6, 2009. Gloria Leiter seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Much discussion was held concerning the 2010 budget. Robert Louth moved to reduce all council members’ and the mayor’s pay by 25% beginning in 2010. Jenny Pugh stated that the fiscal officer’s salary should also be cut by 25% in order to keep in line with the other village administrators. Charlie Good moved to amend this motion by stating that the salary reduction should begin immediately and continue through 2010. A roll-call vote was taken on the amendment with the following results:

Good-yes, Leiter-yes, Lare-yes, Louth-no, Price-yes, Coil-no

Amendment passed. A roll-call vote was taken on the original motion with the added amendment .The results were:

Good-yes, Leiter-yes, Lare-yes, Louth-no, Price-yes, Coil-no

Motion passed.

After further review of the budget and necessary cuts, Gloria Leiter moved to cut the expenditure of electricity to the Village Christmas lights for the 2009 and 2010 season. A roll-call vote was taken with the following outcome:

Good-yes, Leiter-yes, Lare-yes, Louth-yes, Price-yes, and Coil-yes.

Motion passed. A letter will be sent to the Lion’s Club explaining this decision.

It was also decided that the mowing hours need to be decreased. The following guidelines were determined for the remainder of this year and next: The Lion’s Club and park should be mowed and trimmed weekly, if needed. The ball park should be mowed each week during ball season and every other week after ball season. All other areas are to be mowed no more than every other week, as needed.

Jeff Coil moved for adjournment.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be July 13, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. in order to finalize the budget.

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Jennifer J. Pugh, fiscal officer Larry W. Eutsler, Mayor