Village of Venedocia

Venedocia Lions Club May 3, 2009

Meeting was called to order by President of Council, Robert Louth, with the following council members present: Paul Price, Jeff Coil, Charlie Good, and Gloria Leiter.

Also present was village resident, Sarah Kimmet.

The bills were presented as follows:

Asphalt Tech Paving Co. $2500.00 (#4473)

Ridge Township Quarry $93.63 (#4474)

Ace Hardware $495.13 (#4475)

Ridge Township Quarry $92.72 (#4476)

Auto-Owners Insurance $751.90 (#4477)

The Sherwin-Williams Co. $125.00 (#4478)

Ace Hardware $252.26 (#4479)

Jenny Pugh $285.71 (#4480)

AEP-town storage $14.40 (charge)

OPERS $78.00 (voucher)

Brent Price $250.00 (#4482)

Asphalt Tech Paving Co. $12,347.00 (#4481)

W.E. Spoor Contractor $1960.00 (#4483)

Jones Plumbing and Hardware $1089.98 (#4484)

Jeff Coil moved to pay all bills. Paul Price seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

The Salem Presbyterian Church Youth Group is to clean the streets towards the middle of May in preparation for the Memorial Day holiday.

Councilman Coil reported that those at the Jay Young residence are still not receiving all packages. The Van Wert County Engineer has previously been consulted about this problem and the village is adhering to those suggestions.

New Business

Sarah Kimmet spoke to the council about heavy rains causing septic issues on her property. She believes the issue is in the tiles that run on the village property. Jeff Coil moved to hire Doug Strickler and Todd Wallace of Wallace Plumbing and Underground to fix the septic problems at a cost not to exceed $4000. Paul Price seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Jeff Coil moved for adjournment. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be June 1, 2009.

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Jennifer J. Pugh, fiscal officer Larry W. Eutsler, Mayor