Village of Venedocia

Venedocia Lions Club July 7, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Eutsler with the following council members present: Lee Lare, Robert Louth, Paul Price, Charlie Good, and Gloria Leiter. Also present were citizens Jay and Christina Young.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The bills were presented as follows:

AEP-street lights $202.20 (#4392)

Ace Hardware $152.99 (#4393)

AEP-town storage $214.76 (#4394)

Art’s Rolloffs $555.00 (#4395)

Lee Lare $197.95 (#4396)

Summers Landing $100.00 (#4397)

Jenny Pugh $285.60 (#4399)

OPERS $78.00 (#4400)

Chad Eutsler $453.50 (#4401)

State of OH taxes $10.22 (#4402)

Memorial Park Fund$100.00 (#4403)

Mary Taylor, CPA $240.00 (#4404)

Paul Price moved to pay all bills. Charlie Good seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Permission to speak was granted to Christina and Jay Young. Mr. and Mrs. Young explained to the council the problem that they have been experiencing for a few years with regard to delivery of mail to their residence. They have been told that the street address that they have been using does not exist. Some companies and businesses do not ship to post office boxes, leaving them with undelivered mail. The council referred them to village solicitor, Bob Young, to understand the solution to their problem.

Old Business

Louth talked to the State about fixing the embankment problem on State Route 116, north of town. He was told the machines to work on this problem would be available around the end of this month.

Pugh stated that $500 be awarded to the village from the Van Wert County Foundation.

Leiter reported that the radio has been fixed, with all problems covered under the warranty.

Paul Price moved for the following residences to receive a letter pertaining to Ordinance 1969-3:

15292 S. Main Street 18911 William Street

15190 S. Main Street 19065 Plum Street

Gloria Leiter seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Mayor Eutsler noted that the street lights at the ball park and the corner of Bebb and Main Street are inconsistent. A call to AEP will be made if the problems continue.

Lare mentioned contacting Bruns about cleaning the catch basins. Bruns will be available when the ground has had time to drain after the recent heavy rain.

New Business

It was noted that Jay Young and Vince Clement are interested in the village mowing position the next time it becomes available.

Mayor Eutsler commented that three youth are available for labor around the village.

Gloria Leiter was approached about the prospect of the village having its water tested at the park for a cost of $50. Lee Lare moved to have this done. The motion died due to a lack of a second.

Councilman Price exited the meeting at this time.

The fiscal officer shared the budget for 2008. Robert Louth moved to accept the budget as prepared. Lee Lare seconded the motion. Motion carried. A roll-call vote was taken: Robert Louth-yes, Lee Lare-yes, Charlie Good-yes, and Gloria Leiter-yes

Robert Louth moved for adjournment.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will by August 4, 2008

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Jennifer J. Pugh, fiscal officer Larry W. Eutsler, Mayor