Village of Venedocia

Venedocia Lions Club May 5, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Mayor Eutsler with the following council members present: Paul Price, Charlie Good, Gloria Leiter, Robert Louth, Jeff Coil, and Lee Lare.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The bills were presented as follows:

OptiMA Inc. $1019.50 (#4365)

Jenny Pugh $285.60 (#4368)

OPERS $78.00 (#4369)

AEP-street lights $203.48 (#4370)

AEP-town storage $27.18 (#4371)

Gates McDonald $106.00 (#4372)

Auto-Owners Ins. $750.00 (#4373)

Ace Hardware $343.87 (#4374)

Chad Eutsler $7.04 (#4375)

Salem Presbyterian $400.00 (#4376)

The following additional bills were presented at the meeting:

Chad Eutsler $212.39 (#4379)

Postmaster $82.00 (#4380)

Lee Lare $164.75 (#4381)

Art’s Rolloffs $925.00 (#4382)

Paul Price moved to pay all bills. Charlie Good seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

Council members commented that the village clean-up is progressing as two dumpsters are overflowing and two replacements are to be delivered tomorrow.

Gloria Leiter reported that the new Village radio is in and ready to be picked up.

It was noted that Chad Pugh turned down the position of Village grounds keeper. Chad Eutsler will take the job.

New Business

Jeff Coil made a motion for the Village to purchase a new push mower in order for trimming to be done around the Village. Charlie Good seconded the motion. Motion carried.

A discussion was held about the catch basins on State Route 116 being plugged up. The County will be contacted about fixing this problem.

Information about a community garage sale will be forthcoming.

It was noted that there has been vandalism of the new playground equipment. A report has been filed with the Van Wert County Sheriff’s Office.

Gloria Leiter shared that Rick McCoy has a soft bracket with which to hang the AED at the church. Lee Lare moved to purchase this bracket. Charlie Good seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Jeff Coil moved for adjournment.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be June 2, 2008.

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Jennifer J. Pugh, Fiscal Officer Larry W. Eutsler, Mayor