Village of Venedocia


Venedocia Lions Club July 10, 2006


Mayor Ruen called the meeting to order with council members Jeff Coil, Lee Lare, Paul Price, Gloria Leiter, Charlie Good, and Robert Louth present. Also attending the meeting were Sarah Kimmet and Ray Young.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The bills were presented as follows:

AEP (street lights) $189.08 (#4083)

Salem Presbyterian $400.00 (#4084)

Jenny Pugh $221.94 (#4085)

Treasurer State of OH $240.00 (#4086)

AEP (town storage) $13.26 (#4087)

Check #4088 VOIDED-----------------------------------

Rod Eutsler $790.62 (#4089)

Ohio Income Tax $13.95 (#4090)

School Tax $9.28 (#4091)

OPERS (Eutsler) $210.65 (#4092)

OPERS (Pugh) $56.75 (#4093)

Lee Lare (gas reimburse.) $101.50 (#4094)

Rod Eutsler (travel/reimbur)$150.00 (#4095)

Violet Implement Sales $158.75 (#4096)

AEP (street lights) $189.14 (#4097)


Lee Lare moved to pay all bills. Robert Louth seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Old Business

In the matter of surveying the town lot, Mayor Ruen reported that Brad Core has completed the work at the court house, surveyed the lot, and is currently analyzing the results.


The mayor also stated that Jill Leatherman will help in codifying the ordinances. According to Leatherman, to codify ordinances means to put them in order for the courts. The current village ordinances are valid. In another matter, Leatherman stated that legally the village can agree to pay for the maintenance of a future branch library.


Council members reported that a basketball pole is being donated to the park and doors for the park restrooms are in the process of being purchased.


New Business

Mayor Ruen shared that the Van Wert County Foundation awarded the village with a $500.00 grant for the improvement of the village park.


The mayor shared a written statement from Vince and Marge Clement stating their decision to not accept the village’s offer to replace their sidewalk.


After a brief discussion, it was decided that mosquito spraying was not necessary thus far.


Mayor Ruen asked the council to consider donating $100.00 to pay for rides for the kids at the Ice Cream Social at the end of July. The money made from the rides would be given to the library committee. He stated that Time Warner Cable had already donated $100.00 for this cause. Gloria Leiter moved to donate the money. Charlie Good seconded the motion. Paul Price opposed. Motion carried.


Councilman Good moved to set aside between $2000.00 and $3000.00 per year for the purpose of maintaining and insuring a town library. Paul Price seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Mayor Ruen read that there will be a Van Wert Economic Development meeting on July 18th if anyone is interested in attending.


Mayor Ruen would like to thank all of the people that helped clean up the village after the recent storm, including: Rick McCoy, Kyle Windell, Barry Coil, David Hugh Evans, Doug Jones, Ohio Power, and the Middle Point Fire Department.


The 2007 Budget was presented by Jenny Pugh. A roll-call vote accepting the budget as prepared was taken with the following results:

Lee Lare-aye

Robert Louth-aye

Charlie Good-aye

Gloria Leiter-aye

Jeff Coil-aye

Paul Price-aye


A discussion was held concerning the numerous broken down street inclines in the village. It was mentioned that the county will donate the use of equipment for such jobs, however labor and material costs would be covered by the village. It was decided to try to have some of this work done in September. Also, the north side of State Route 116 is too steep and broken down. Mayor Ruen will contact the state about fixing this problem.


Mayor Ruen stated that P.J. Burnett was on the agenda to speak, but was not in attendance.


Jeff Coil moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be on Monday, August 7, 2006.



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Jennifer J. Pugh, clerk/treasurer Doug Ruen, Mayor