Village of Venedocia




The meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Ruen with council members Lee Lare, Gloria Leiter, Robert Louth and Charlie Good present.Also attending the meeting were Jeff Coil and Sarah Kimmett.


Mayor Ruen presented the oath of office to Jeff Coil for the position of village council member.


The minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.


The bills were presented as follows:

Mill Pond Farms, Inc.††††††††††† $557.75††††††††††† (#4019)

AEP-street lights†† ††††††††††† $187.65††††††††††† (#4020)

AEP- town storage†††††††††† ††††††††††† $13.21††††††††††† (#4021)

AEP-Christmas Lights††††††††††† $327.68††††††††††† (#4022)

Maumee Watershed Con.††††††††††† $12.00††††††††††† (#4023)

Jenny Pugh-reimburse.††††††††††† $6.62††††††††††† (#4024)

Jenny Pugh-salary††††††††††† $223.19††††††††††† (#4025)

OPERS-Pugh†† ††††††††††† $55.12††††††††††† (#4026)

AEP-street lights†† ††††††††††† $188.91††††††††††† (#4027)

AEP- town storage†††††††††† ††††††††††† $13.26††††††††††† (#4028)


Robert Louth moved to pay all bills.Lee Lare seconded the motion.Motion carried.


Old Business

Councilman Good reported that Reliable Plumbing came to fix the water pump at the park.Mr. Louth stated that when he recently tried the pump, it still did not work.

Mr. Good will call Reliable Plumbing again.


Sarah Kimmett asked if the village solicitor had reviewed the letter from AEP regarding the trees on the village property next to her house.Mayor Ruen stated that he hadnít heard anything from Mr. Young.Gloria Leiter said that she would stop in and talk with the lawyer sometime within the next week about this issue.


New Business

Mayor Ruen appointed Jeff Coil to the Park Department.


Jenny Pugh presented a paper to be signed for all individuals electing to not take part in the OPERS retirement system.


It was stated that a basketball pole at the park is broken at the base and has fallen down.


Mayor Ruen shared some information that he gathered from a county-wide meeting with Mr. Ron Puthoff.Mr. Puthoff is a local grant writer that has had great success in securing money for many of the area villages and has offered to attend the next council meeting and present information about obtaining grants.


Jenny Pugh reported that the villageís certificate of deposit will soon mature.A representative from the U.S. Bank would like to talk with her about getting a better interest rate.Lee Lare moved to allow Pugh to make the necessary changes on the CD.Jeff Coil seconded the motion.Motion carried.


Lee Lare moved to adjourn the meeting.Meeting adjourned.


Next meeting will be on March 6, 2006.


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††††††††††† Jennifer J. Pugh, clerk/treas.†††† ††††††††††† ††††††††††† ______________________

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