Village of Venedocia



Venedocia Lions Club                                                                  October 3, 2005


Mayor Ruen called the meeting to order with council members Lee Lare, Gloria Leiter,

Bob Louth, Paul Price, Charlie Good, and Jeff Davis present.  Also attending the meeting was Linda Davis, Penny Bunett, Susie Thompson, Susan Mayes, Marilyn Foust, Sarah Kimmet, Tim and Tisha Burnett.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. 

The bills were presented as follows:

AEP (town storage building)            $13.17            (#3969)

Treasurer State of Ohio             $1403.42            (#3970)

Treasurer State of Ohio             $65.00            (#3971)

Jenny Pugh                                        $223.10            (#3972)

OPERS-Pugh                           $55.12            (#3973)

Rod Eutsler                                        $337.90            (#3974)

OPERS-Eutsler                                    $86.44            (#3975)


Paul Price moved to pay all bills.  Lee Lare seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Old Business

Mayor Ruen informed the council of a $100 donation from Time Warner Cable given for the benefit of the blow-up rides at the church ice cream social in July.


Mayor Ruen reported that there has been no ruling from the village solicitor on granting easement to Sarah Kimmet.


A letter was presented to Mayor Ruen from the Audrey Burnett Family.  Mayor Ruen read the letter to the council.  It stated that “on the seventeenth of October of two thousand five all sidewalks will be removed from any property belonging to the Burnett family”.  The letter goes on to state that “this action is the result of the council’s inability to force Vincent & Marjorie Clements to replace the sidewalk in front of their residence”.  The letter was signed by all of the aforementioned village residents attending the meeting.


New Business

Gloria Leiter made a motion to hold Venedocia Village Trick-or-Treat on Saturday, October 29th from 6:00-7:30, with a costume judging to be held at the Lions Club at 8:00.


Gloria Leiter moved to pass the resolution accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the budget commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the county auditor.  Paul Price seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be held on November 7, 2005.



                                                                                         Jennifer J. Pugh, clerk/treasurer



                                                                                           Doug Ruen, Mayor