Village of Venedocia



       Venedocia Lions Club                                                   September 12, 2005


The meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Ruen.  The following council members were present:  Paul Price, Jeff Davis, Robert Louth, Gloria Leiter, and Charlie Good.  Village residents, Sarah Kimmet and Marilyn Foust also attended the meeting.


The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


The bills were presented as follows:

Village of Middle Point              $3835.18            (#3949)

AEP (street lights)                          $183.09            (#3950)

Beverly Fuerst                         $4.00              (#3951)

BWC                                                   $315.55            (#3952)

US Bank                                             $25.00            (#3953)

Young, Taylor, and Yarger             $25.00            (#3954)

AEP (town storage building)            $13.17            (#3955)

AEP (street lights)                          $183.96            (#3956)

                                                                                    (#3957) VOID

Jenny Pugh(postage reimb.)            $7.40              (#3958)

Lee Lare (gas reimbursement)            $94.56            (#3959)

Jenny Pugh                                        $223.10            (#3960)

Rod Eutsler                                        $667.88            (#3961)

Federal/Medicare (3rd Quarter)            $109.56            (#3962)

Ohio Income Tax (3rd Quarter)            $22.72            (#3963)

School Tax (3rd Quarter)               $16.68            (#3964)

OPERS-Eutsler                                    $169.34            (#3965)

OPERS-Pugh                           $55.12            (#3966)

Ace Hardware                               $27.89            (#3967)

Treasurer of State                           $861.03            (#3968)


Gloria Leiter moved to pay all bills.  Robert Louth seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Old Business

Mayor Ruen reviewed the audit citations that were issued for the 2003-2004 years.


Mayor Ruen also read the finding issued by the office of Young, Taylor and Yarger regarding the sidewalk in front of the Vince and Marge Clement residence.  In summary, it stated that Lots 87 and 88 were never platted, therefore the sidewalk is the property of the land owners.


Council member, Gloria Leiter, shared information about codifying the village ordinances.  Mayor Ruen will look into what needs to be done and the cost entailed.


New Business

Sarah Kimmet asked the council to grant an easement to the town property in order to cut down trees that are tangled in power lines.  She states that leaving the situation as is could be a safety issue if the trees were to fall down.  Councilman Louth made a motion to table this discussion until more information is gained.  Paul Price seconded the motion.  Motion carried.


Mayor Ruen reported that a village resident suggested that the village grass be maintained closer to the weekend.


Councilman Good noted that the village website was visited an average of 46 times per day in the month of August.


Paul Price moved to adjourn the meeting.  Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting will be on October 3, 2005.


Jennifer J. Pugh             ___________________               Doug Ruen _________________

Clerk/treasurer                                                                        Mayor