Venedocia Village Council


Venedocia Lions Club December 2, 2002


Meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Ruen.

Roll call was taken with council members Jeff Davis, Vernon Hobbs, Lee Lare, Paul Price, Gloria Leiter, and Robert Louth present.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The bills were presented as follows:

Doug Ruen $990.72

Gloria Leiter $299.36 + $44.19

Vernon Hobbs $281.48 + $14.85

Jeff Davis $252.90 + $44.64

Paul Price $258.61 + $15.00

Robert Louth $323.95 + $44.19

Lee Lare $292.58 + $29.38

Jenny Pugh $247.90

Kim Coil $238.06

Jenny Pugh $20.89

School District Tax(3rd) $2.19

AEP (town storage) $13.21

PERS $540.37

Treasurer State of Ohio $13.54

Treasurer State of Ohio $30.93

School District Tax (4th) $10.28

School District Tax (year) $16.48

Paul Price made a motion to pay all bills. Vernon Hobbs seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

Mayor Ruen stated that the next library meeting will be held Tuesday, January 14th at 7:00. He also relayed who was present from the Brumback library at the previous meeting.

Mayor Ruen stated that Forest Gibbler had called to ask if the village wanted to send anything for a historical display for two weeks during the summer. Someone had volunteered to deliver the items, but no interest was shown in collecting them.

Jenny Pugh reported that a junk/abandoned vehicle letter had been sent to Perry Wise on November 15, 2002. There has been no response.

A letter declining the option to pay into PERS was signed by each of the council members and will be sent to PERS.

It was brought to the attention of the clerk/treasurer that the payroll checks had been calculated incorrectly. Changes will be made and the additional monies will be delivered to the council members as soon as possible. (See additional amounts next to council members names above.)

New Business

Mayor Ruen read the results of the fire protection levy that was voted on in November.

Mayor Ruen summarized a letter from Time Warner Cable, quoting that the classic cable will only be increased by single digits.

Looking ahead to next monthís meeting, Mayor Ruen asked about the status of Bob Young acting as the village solicitor.

Mayor Ruen stated that in lieu of gifts to the council members, he was making a contribution to the tornado relief fund on the councilís name.

Vernon Hobbs moved to adjourn the meeting, Gloria Leiter seconded. Meeting adjourned.


Jennifer J. Pugh, clerk


Doug Ruen, Mayor