Venedocia Village Council


Venedocia Lions Club September 9, 2002

Meeting was called to order by Mayor Doug Ruen.

Roll call was taken with council members Jeff Davis, Lee Lare, Gloria Leiter, Paul Price, and Robert Louth present.

The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved.

The bills were presented as follows:

Rod Eutsler $264.18 (#3551)

Doug Ruen $4.17 (#3552)

Foltz Sandblasting $500.00 (#3553)

AEP (street lights) $184.11 (#3554)

Jim Petro $50.00 (#3555)

Barrett Brothers $28.75 (#3556)

AEP (town storage) $13.17 (#3557)

Van Wert Times-Bulletin $47.00 (#3558)

Jenny Pugh $247.90 (#3559)

Gloria Leiter made a motion to pay all bills. Robert Louth seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Old Business

Mayor Doug Ruen reported that the merry-go-round is finished.

Robert Louth made a motion to bring 5-6 black chairs from the storage building to the Lions Club. Gloria Leiter seconded the motion.

Gloria Leiter inquired about a second spring toy for the park. It was stated that it had not been purchased by the Lions Club yet.

Mayor Ruen asked if Bruns had been here to clean the air wells. Paul Price stated that they had and they would send a bill.

New Business

Gloria Leiter asked if there was an ordinance pertaining to paying the clerk milage, an hourly wage, and meals for the mandatory meeting. Jenny Pugh will look into this.

Mayor Doug Ruen stated that the tennis courts and parking lot needed a new sealing. It was suggested to call Suevers to get an estimate. Not sure if this project is big enough to have to go out to bid.

The mayor read a letter from ODOT requesting permission to resurface State Route 116 in Spring of 2005. No charge for this. Paul Price moved to grant permission, Jeff Davis seconded. Motion carried.

The mayor also read a letter stating that the EPA will be treating a proposed run-off on Snyder Road. They will be treating 900,000 gallons of water per day. Some of the discharge will run into the Auglaize River.

Mayor Doug Ruen also read a letter from Governor Bob Taft. It stated that on September 11, 2002, at 8:46 am there will be a state-wide moment of silence and at 8:47 am the town is asked to ring bells in remembrance.

Gloria Leiter moved for adjournment. Meeting adjourned.


Jennifer J. Pugh, clerk


Doug Ruen, Mayor