Venedocia Village Council


Lions Club May 6, 2002


Members Present:

Doug Ruen, Jeff Davis, Vernon Hobbs, Lee Lare, Gloria Leiter, Robert Louth, and Paul Price

Mayor Doug Ruen read a letter from Attorney Burchfield regarding his inability to advise in the Gibbís situation. It was suggested to look for another attorney-possibly Bob Young.

Mayor Doug Ruen read the letter that he wrote to the state auditor pertaining to Catherine Gibbs.

Mayor Doug Ruen read the letter from Kevin Sanosky, from the State, regarding

A discussion of PERS was held.

Minutes were read and approved by Mayor Doug Ruen, as corrected.

Presentation of bills:

Jenny Pugh $247.90 Lionís Club $399.00

Barrett Brothers $26.65 Village of Middle Point $932.30

Treasurer St. of OH $750.00 OH Dept. of Job/Family Services $7.44

AEP $193.63 MPH Insurance $750.00

Janet Louth $240.45 AEP $13.11

Barrett Brothers $49.95 Martin Burchfield $55.00

Rod Eutlser $347.34

Gloria Leiter motioned to pay the bills, Paul Price seconded.

Old Business

Mayor Doug Ruen stated that we should have received the final LGS bill.

Janet Louth gave a run-down of all the council paperwork that had been caught up to date (approximately 48 hours worth).

Mayor Doug Ruen reported that all department checks have been returned (18 checks, totaling $11-12,000). Many checks are now being directly deposited.

Vernon Hobbs asked if mail was being delayed because of incorrect addresses. The insurance bill went to P.O. Box 635. No recollection of who this belongs to. Consider making a call to Cincinnati to correct the situation of not getting our town mail. Townís box number is 611. All mail should be addressed to this box from here on out.

Vernon Hobbs reported that the woods mower was going to be hauled to Century, but Savidge, of Paint and Repair, decided to take it.

Rod Eutsler began mowing for the town this month, based on the fact that he sent his hours in with Gloria Leiter.


New Business

Mayor Doug Ruen asked about the streets being cleaned. It was said that the church already took care of it. Vernon Hobbs motioned to pay the church youth group for cleaning the streets. All in favor-motion carried.

Mayor Doug Ruen made a statement of Time Warner Cableís consolidation.

Paul Price asked if the hand-pump was fixed. Vernon Hobbs motioned to have Jeff Coil fix the hand pump. Paul Price seconded the motion. Motion carried.


Venedocia Village Council


Lions Club May 6, 2002



Janet Louth read the tax budget totals for the years of 1999, 2000, and 2001, with estimates for 2002.

A roll call was taken to approve the tax budget.

L. Lare R. Louth P. Price J. Davis V. Hobbs G. Leiter

yes yes yes yes yes yes

Mayor Doug Ruen mentioned that there is a $1000 grant that could be applied for through the Van Wert County Foundation. He noticed that the basketball pole needs replaced and new playground equipment could be bought. Paul Price stated that the Lionís Club had equipment already picked out, but not ordered.

Vernon Hobbs asked if reimbursement, in the amount of $399, had been sent to the Lionís Club for the gas stove. Janet Louth located the bill and prepared to pay the Lionís Club.

Mayor Doug Ruen asked for a motion to hire Jenny Pugh. Paul Price made a motion, Gloria Leiter seconded. Jenny Pugh was sworn in by Mayor Doug Ruen.

Mayor Doug Ruen offered Eldora Speedway V.I.P. passes to the council.

Vernon Hobbs moved to adjourn the meeting, Gloria Leiter seconded-motion granted.